Does MAVIS support external storage?

Yes but unfortunately you can't capture directly to an external storage device due to limitations with the hardware. We have had users report they successfully use the Sandisk iXpand drives to back up/transfer files. 

Although you can't record directly to the storage device you can transfer videos that have already been captured.

Follow the steps below to configure the iXpand drive. 

Within MAVIS go to Settings -->FILES

  1. - Select the files you want to transfer 
  2. - Tap the share IL_ShareBttniPhone.png icon  
  3. - You should see a list of different apps
  4. - Scroll all the way right and tap MORE
  5. - Select Sandisk iXpand and give it access
  6. - You should then see it on the share list and you should be able to transfer files to it
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