Quick Start Guide

MAVIS is a pro filmmaking camera for the iPhone and it is the first app to provide professional level filming tools including focus peaking, waveform monitor, vectorscope, false colour and zebras. 

MAVIS is a complex and powerful app and because of this it can appear quite daunting to new users. Use this quick start guide to understand the basics of how to use and control MAVIS and when you are ready move on to rest of the articles in our Learn series for more information on advanced features.  


MAVIS Overview

The MAVIS interface can be used in two interface modes - Director Of Photography (DOP) mode and Fullscreen mode. DOP mode has been designed to give you access to all the information a DOP would want on set. Fullscreen mode gives you a maximised viewfinder by showing only the key information you need. 


DOP interface





Fullscreen interface





Holding the iPhone

The easiest way to use MAVIS is with two hands. The fluid exposure (ISO) and focus controls are designed to rest under your index fingers. Using this type of grip gives you direct and easy access to the basics controls required to operate the camera such as focus and exposure. 







Changing Focus and Exposure (ISO)

The focus and exposure (ISO) can be changed using the sliders on the viewfinder. The exposure slider is on the left and the focus slider is on the right. Dragging the slider up and down changes the value.





Start/Stop Recording

Tap the record button at the bottom right of the screen




Viewing recorded video

1) Tap on the Settings icon at the top left of the screen.  



2) Tap on Files within FILE HANDLING section



3) Tap on the relevant file




Changing the Shutter Speed

1) Tap on the Exposure flyout menu icon



2) Slide the shutter slider left and right to change the value (ensure the exposure is in manual mode)





1) Ensure the recording format resolution is in 1080p

2) Tap, Tap & Hold and Drag up and down on the viewfinder to zoom in and out



Activating a Shooting Assistant (requires In-App Purchase)

1) Tap on the Viewfinder flyout menu icon



2) Tap on the relevant Shooting Assistant from the viewfinder flyout menu




Setting the Recording Format (requires In-App Purchase)

1) Tap on the Settings icon at the top left of the screen.  



2) Tap on Edit format within the RECORDING section at the top of the screen



3) Set the Resolution, Frame Rate and Bit Rate by tapping on the relevant segment



4) Tap on the word Settings at the top left of the screen



5) Tap on the word Done at the top left of the screen




Selecting the audio input (requires In-App Purchase)

1) Tap on the Audio icon at the top right of the screen (icon may differ slightly due to audio devices connected)



2) Tap on the Audio Settings icon within the audio flyout menu



3) Tap on the relevant audio input from the INPUT section



4) Tap on the word Done at the top left of the screen





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