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MAVIS Internal Files Store vs Photos

By default MAVIS will store video files into its internal Files store. This is a dedicated space within the app where all video data is initially written. If the Save to Photos option is active then, after a recording has finished, MAVIS will attempt to copy the video data from the internal Files store into the Photos library of the phone. In some cases video data cannot be written to the Photos Library (e.g. there is insufficient storage available). 

Because copying large video files is slow and temporarily requires twice the data storage (the original file plus the new file within the Photos library) it is recommended that long videos or high bit rate videos are saved directly into the internal Files store.


Viewing Files (within MAVIS)

1) Tap on the Settings icon at the top left of the screen.  



2) Tap on Files within the FILE HANDLING section



3) Tap on a file to play




Video Player

MAVIS includes a custom video player which includes all standard player features plus a timecode display, info display, single frame nudge buttons and tag function. 




Tap on the info button to see the frame rate, resolution, bit rate and codec. 



Tagging Files

From the Files Store

1) Select a file from Files Store



2) Tap on the tag icon - multiple files can be selected and tagged at the same time



 From the Video Player

1) Tap on the tag icon



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