Basic Controls

Holding the iPhone

The easiest way to use MAVIS is with two hands. The fluid exposure (ISO) and focus controls are designed to rest under your index fingers. Using this type of grip gives you direct and easy access to the basics controls required to operate the camera such as focus and exposure. 



Understanding the interface and controls

The MAVIS interface has been broken down into three levels of control. 

The primary controls are always accessible when you are filming and can be directly manipulated from either the standard or full screen interface. These are controls you will use all the time. 

The secondary controls are accessible from a sub menu located on the left and the audio menu located on the top right. These are controls that you will probably use to setup a shot and you may change them during filming. Any primary or secondary controls can be changed while you are recording.  

The tertiary controls are accessed from either the settings menu located on the top left or audio settings menu located on the top right. Within these menus are settings and controls that would normally be changed at the beginning of a filming session and they cannot be changed while recording.

In addition to various controls, MAVIS also provides real-time signal analysis. A waveform monitor, vectorscope and VU meter are available in both the standard and fullscreen interface and a number of image visualisations can be applied in the viewfinder.


Primary controls - directly accessible from the standard and fullscreen interface

  • Record
  • Focus
  • Exposure (ISO)
  • Full screen toggle

Signal Analysis - directly accessible from the standard and fullscreen interface

  • Waveform Monitor
  • Vectorscope
  • VU meter
  • Image visualisations in viewfinder

 Secondary controls - accessible from flyout menus

  • Viewfinder mode (e.g. focus peaking or false colour)
  • Exposure mode
  • Shutter speed
  • Light
  • Focus mode
  • Colour mode
  • Colour adjustment
  • Full auto
  • Audio mode
  • Audio gain

Tertiary controls - accessible from settings and audio settings menus

  • Recording format
    • Resolution
    • Frame rate
    • Bit rate
  • File handling
  • Viewfinder settings including
    • Focus peaking sensitivity
    • Zebra threshold
    • False colour mode
    • Full screen interface customisations
    • Hard accessory settings
    • Aspect ratio
    • Guides (including custom guides)
  • Control customisations
  • Viewfinder settings including
  • Audio Settings including
    • Input
    • Monitoring
    • Internal mic settings
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