Pro Tools Pack - What's included?

This pack includes everything you need to shoot like a pro. Control the white balance and audio and get access to great features like the custom function (FN) button and global presets.


White Balance* - Manually adjust the Kelvin temperature to match your lighting conditions or set white balance from scene before you start filming to match and lock the white balance to your environment. You can set and lock the white balance into three presets and select or further edit them in real time while you are recording.

Audio controls* - Record broadcast quality audio with an external microphone connected via either the Lightning or headphone connector. With a VU meter and audio gain control for both internal* and external mics you can make sure that your audio levels are correct and free from peaking. Real-time audio passthrough for monitoring in headphones also gives you the confidence that the audio you're capturing sounds great.

Custom Function (FN) Button^ - Small but mighty, the custom function (FN) button can be programmed to perform a single action from a wide range of options. Examples include toggling the image stabilizer, playing the last recording or activating full auto. With over 45 options to choose from you'll definitely find one that suits you.

Global Presets - Save the entire camera state as a global preset and recall it later. With the ability to save unlimited presets you can save a state for each shoot, shot, lighting condition or environment. You can recall global presets from the settings menu or assign your favourite to the FN button.


*Device restrictions apply.

^FN actions related to non-purchased packs will be unavailable.


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