How much does MAVIS cost?

MAVIS is based on a freemium model. This means the basic version of MAVIS is free!

We then offer various feature packs that are individually priced or our Big Bundle, which includes other individual feature packs.

Big Bundle - $17.99 - Our best value pack. Get everything that’s included in the Viewfinder, Formats, Pro Tools and Timecode packs all in one Big Bundle. 

Viewfinder Pack - $5.99 - This pack includes everything you need to capture the perfect shot. These industry standard viewfinder tools are tried and trusted and are used everyday by professionals.

Formats Pack - $5.99 - This pack enables you to customise the recording format of your shots. Perfect if you want to shoot in 4K or if you want to shoot at custom frame rates and resolutions.

Pro Tools Pack - $5.99 - This pack includes everything you need to shoot like a pro. Control the white balance and audio and get access to great features like the custom function (FN) button and global presets.

Timecode Pack - $2.99 - This pack embeds timecode into your video files which can then be read by your favourite editing package. It also synchronizes MAVIS to a remote time server so you get near frame accurate timecode across multiple devices. This makes timecode perfect for multicam shoots, shot referencing or logging.

Prices vary based on local currency - see your local App Store for exact prices.


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