Big Bundle - What's included?

Get everything that’s included in the Viewfinder, Formats, Pro Tools and Timecode packs all in one Big Bundle.


Focus Peaking - The focus peaking visualisation highlights contrasted edges with a bright colour to make it easier for you to determine which part of your shot is in focus.

False Colour - False colour helps you visualise exposure by using a colour overlay in the viewfinder. Colours blend from red to blue to signify over and under exposure.

Zebras - Zebras highlight parts of the image that are over a set exposure threshold. You can use zebras to make sure your shots are never over exposed.

Expanded Focus - The expanded focus tool lets you digitally magnify the viewfinder so you can get a closer look at what you’re shooting to make sure your focusing is spot on.

Guides - Choose from a number of preset guides including thirds, upper third and portrait safe. Alternatively create your own with a custom guides engine. This allows you to place up to eight vertical and horizontal lines on the viewfinder.

Aspect Overlays - Aspect overlays help you frame your shots for different aspect ratios. Choose from a number of ratios including 1.85:1, 1.39:1 and 2.75:1.

Lens Support - Get support for different external lenses such as Anamorphic Moondog Lens, Moment Lens and Beastgrip DOF adaptor. This means the image displayed in the viewfinder can be de-squeezed or flipped, allowing you to easily frame your shots when using hardware accessories.

Custom Resolutions including 4K* - Select the resolution you want to record at including amazing 4K (UHD) video. You can also capture the maximum resolution of the sensor with 4K (4:3) at a resolution of 4032x3024.

Custom Bit Rates* - Select from various bit rates including 10Mbit/s to make your storage last longer, 20Mbit/s for standard productions, 30Mbit/s for high quality productions, 50Mbit/s for broadcast and colour grading and, on the iPhone 6s and above, 100Mbit/s for very high quality productions, colour grades and visual effects.

Custom Frame Rates* - Dial in a custom frame rate or choose from presets including 24fps, 25fps, 30fps, 50fps, 60fps and 120fps. On the iPhone 6 and above you can capture up to 240fps slow motion footage and on the iPhone 8 and above you can shoot up to 60fps at 4K.

HEVC* - With HEVC (H.265) compression you’ll get the same video quality as before at half the file size.

Recording Format Presets - Save your favourite formats into a number of presets and quickly select them from the settings menu.

White Balance* - Manually adjust the Kelvin temperature to match your lighting conditions or set white balance from scene before you start filming to match and lock the white balance to your environment. You can set and lock the white balance into three presets and select or further edit them in real time while you are recording.

Audio controls* - Record broadcast quality audio with an external microphone connected via either the Lightning or headphone connector. With a VU meter and audio gain control for both internal* and external mics you can make sure that your audio levels are correct and free from peaking. Real-time audio passthrough for monitoring in headphones also gives you the confidence that the audio you're capturing sounds great.

Custom Function (FN) Button^ - Small but mighty, the custom function (FN) button can be programmed to perform a single action from a wide range of options. Examples include toggling the image stabilizer, playing the last recording or activating full auto. With over 45 options to choose from you'll definitely find one that suits you.

Global Presets - Save the entire camera state as a global preset and recall it later. With the ability to save unlimited presets you can save a state for each shoot, shot, lighting condition or environment. You can recall global presets from the settings menu or assign your favourite to the FN button.

Time-of-Day / Wall clock timecode - Time-of-Day mode saves the current time in hours, minutes, seconds and frames.

Offset timecode - Offset mode allows you to pick a start time which can then be used to aid shot logging. For example, you can use the timecode to represent reel numbers meaning you can easily log and organise all of your shots.


*Device restrictions apply.

^FN actions related to non-purchased packs will be unavailable.

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