Viewfinder Pack - What's included?

This pack includes everything you need to capture the perfect shot. These industry standard viewfinder tools are tried and trusted and are used everyday by professionals.


Focus Peaking - The focus peaking visualisation highlights contrasted edges with a bright colour to make it easier for you to determine which part of your shot is in focus.

False Colour - False colour helps you visualise exposure by using a colour overlay in the viewfinder. Colours blend from red to blue to signify over and under exposure.

Zebras - Zebras highlight parts of the image that are over a set exposure threshold. You can use zebras to make sure your shots are never over exposed.

Expanded Focus - The expanded focus tool lets you digitally magnify the viewfinder so you can get a closer look at what you’re shooting to make sure your focusing is spot on.

Guides - Choose from a number of preset guides including thirds, upper third and portrait safe. Alternatively create your own with a custom guides engine. This allows you to place up to eight vertical and horizontal lines on the viewfinder.

Aspect Overlays - Aspect overlays help you frame your shots for different aspect ratios. Choose from a number of ratios including 1.85:1, 1.39:1 and 2.75:1.

Lens Support - Get support for different external lenses such as Anamorphic Moondog Lens, Moment Lens and Beastgrip DOF adaptor. This means the image displayed in the viewfinder can be de-squeezed or flipped, allowing you to easily frame your shots when using hardware accessories.

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